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Thursday, April 12, 2012

City of Portland doing poor job of collecting debts

So say these outside auditors:

Our review of the City’s collections process, including the flow of fees, fines, liens, and collection activity, found a process that is complex, difficult to follow, fragmented, and duplicative. Varying objectives among bureaus, differing views of roles and responsibilities, and disputes between the Revenue Bureau and the City Auditor’s Office make it difficult for the City to provide an effective collections process.

Can you believe it? Portland City Hall has problems with money.

They single out Fireman Randy's permit bureau for particular criticism.

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Re: "Fireman Randy's permit bureau"

Although the audit was conducted during Mr Leonard's regime, he passed BDS to Mr Saltzman several moons ago. The director of that distressed and distressing bureau was appointed by Mr Leonard, who had expressed great displeasure with the previous director, The Margaret, who, apparently, was partial to a crowd other than those whom Mr Leonard favors. Mr Leonard's appointee remains in place. Mr Saltzman is not a demanding overseer.

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