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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Charlie Hales can't stop lying

The tax resident of Washington, voting resident of Oregon gets caught in another one. We're sick of lying politicians. Please don't vote for this dude.

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It'll be interesting if Portland voters feel like you, or if they continue to elect more liars.

Why does Portland elect so many liars? Interesting question.

Hey, you Portlanders, Charlie's takin' you for a joyride...."Play 'Candy-colored Clown!'...."


Encore! Running Scared ~ Roy Orbison
Live, Austin City Limits (1982)

It amazes me how many Hales yard signs I see. From the look of it, Portland is going to elect another liar mayor.

A Hales ad on 60 Minutes just took credit again for helping to save four weeks of school. It ran during what would have been Andy Rooney's spot. Fitting.

Why does Portland elect so many liars? Interesting question.

Because they don't want to face the truth?

Development and infill were Hale’s directive and some neighborhoods were ruined as a result of his being head of Planning and Parks. He can claim he likes to build centers, but that is his stick, building and development. Anyone who believes Charlie Hales was good for Parks hasn’t been around, forgets, or just simply gives him a pass for selling Johnswood Park to a developer for housing, for not caring one whit whether huge firs and cedars were chopped out of our parks. Ask those in St. Johns where 75 red x’s were painted on huge trees in Pier Park why Charlie got the name Chainsaw Charlie. Fortunately, those red x’s caused a furor and the trees were eventually saved. Ask those citizens who had to fight for their parks and their neighborhoods during that Charlie Hales period?
Folks were plenty upset in the SW area as well regarding their neighborhood plan. In my opinion, no one better than Charlie if one wants the fox back in the hen house.

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