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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Campaign excess

We appreciate our readers' support in the Mayoral Madness race -- if you haven't voted yet, please go here and do so -- but please! No defacing our opponent's property:

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Careful, Jack. I sense a Karl Rove trick here. The old false flag operation and then you get the blame.

For litigation purposes, I also want to stress that all my comments are meant to be humorous, and humor is a protected form of free speech.

Sorry for the disclaimer, but I have made fun of countless politicians including Darth himself, Dick Cheney, but nobody scares me as much as this woman. She is one Viking helmet away from being her own invasion force.

So be careful with this one, Jack. Portland has much to lose here, if she tries to destroy you. She's campaigning against negativity? That's a good one. Like I said, humor is a protected form of speech.

I admit the 500 for the elephants was a nice touch, but it's a little too late to try to soften the image now. If anything the elephants would break out of the zoo in panic and sprint down Sunset Highway as she approached.

See, animals know when they should be afraid. We have much to learn from them.

Elephants don't sprint. They stampede.

"anyone who ever shook the filthy hand of Neil Goldschmidt".
This made me laugh out load. You got my vote Jack!

You can vote via your smartphone, too...

I voted from my IPad first. For some reason my vote from my iPhone didn't count. Wonder what I am doing wrong. Go Jack!

I'm telling you, LarsLarson aired hex with that woman ... uh, Ms. Stahancyk.
She bade her med, now she creeps with the vicious.

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