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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Attention, passengers

The airport security theater people want to see your naked body, but only on their little X-ray vision peep screen -- not directly.

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If they profiled one might suspect his Moslem style beard had earned him some special attention.

I thought "indecent exposure" was protected speech in Oregon... hence all of the strip clubs?

Maybe he thought he was being screened for Medicaid eligibility for a routine physical.

As the TSA hires more inner city GED grads with a newly developed sense of empowerment, we can expect more passengers go over the top with expressions of resentment.

Don't much care for the shakedown, myself.

They interviewed the guy on KGW tonight. He said they told him they detected nitrates on him and were going to give him the grope treatment. This was his way of making that unnecessary.

I rarely see anyone under what used to be retirement age. I wonder how much defense they would offer if something other than an angry techie presented itself.

I often wonder about the little swipe pads the TSA screeners run all over you in addition to the invasive pat downs. I wonder if one could get enough trace amounts of some banned substance sitting on the MAX train, bus, or in a taxi that would show up on the swipes.
Then what? I guess you get sent to Gitmo.
This guy could have achieved the same protest result by keeping his underwear on.

I guess he wasn't going to mind the strip search at jail either. By the way, remember the Founding Fathers opted out of the British Empire. I salute this guy.

Why is it that the only ones who seem to enjoy getting naked in public probably never should?

since having knee replacement surgery 3 years ago I have had to endure more than necessary groping. Next time I go thru TSA security perhaps I'll just strip down to my bathing suit-not birthday suit.
I've been threatening to do this for a few years.

Getting you to submit to naked imagery and pat downs is one more step towards total submission and the loss of all of your constitutional rights.

This is 1984 - 'cause even talking about constitutional rights is subject to being put on the list.

Sadly, I agree Tim is more correct than most of the rest of the baa baa sheep are willing to admit or even think about. If only Steve Jobs had created an app to tell you when your natural and constitutional rights were being usurped.

Looks like he'd just left a 3-D movie, based on the glasses.

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