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Monday, April 16, 2012

Another noteworthy Pulitzer

This one also well deserved.

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Old hat, but it probably fooled Hanity

Next for Hanity would be a Nobel Peace prize.

I knew it had to be a fake because, this year, there was no Pulitzer awarded for fiction. No surprise IMO, considering the nominees.

The Pulitzer site says,

According to The Plan of Award "If in any year all the competitors in any category shall fall below the standard of excellence fixed by The Pulitzer Prize Board, the amount of such prize or prizes may be withheld."

Just the fact that the unreadable, cobbled-together-from-notes-novel, "The Pale King," by the late David Foster Wallace was one of the titles put forward takes the entire thing into the realm of the bizarre . . .

So if Fox actually did win, it would probably be more deserving.

Again, IMHO.

Fortunately, Obama got his before he started droning the heck out of the planet.

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