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Thursday, April 26, 2012

All the multi-modal news in one place

Here's a helpful special transit issue of one of our favorite publications. Given that bike season is upon us, information about the low-car lifestyle is particularly appropriate.

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Oh my, he's speaking from the grave! He must really feel strongly about this...

Sorry, my bad...he's still kicking...

And we can't forget a pedestrian awareness program that seems to be made just for Portland. After all, the jaywalking danger awareness program, "Speed Times Mass Times The Front of a Bus Equals Mush," doesn't seem to make enough of an impact, pun intended.

The real transportation news from the City of Portland is beyond parody:


Don't even *think* about trying to save money (consumers) or make money (businesspeople) in Portland!

You'll charge more, or we'll fine you hundreds of thousands in just a couple of days... for running a flipping a Groupon.

How's THAT for a minimum rate, business jerks? Now, please tar and feather yourselves, and run yourselves out of town on a light rail. We're too busy riding our seatless bikes around...

I'm glad the Onion included "Urban Planner Stuck In Traffic Of Own Design," but where's the famous "98 Percent of U.S. Commuters Favor Public Transportation for Others"? (It appeared in the November 29 2000 issue of the Onion.)

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