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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Who shot Brian Tierney?

This story is both sad and scary. The cops say they've got nothing so far.

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Shot several times? Someone was very angry at him.

I expect more of this, not less.

Remember, Al Sharpton says he will "Escalate" if Zimmerman is not arrested, jailed, convicted, etc. And when Al Sharpton speaks, thugs listen. Thugs with guns.

Add to that the Obama hate (from the Brits who lost their two sons to black killers), and the need for Obama and the left to avoid the economy, and change the subject to anything else. Violence and racial tensions will get hotter as the weather heats up. Even in P-town.

Larry, talk about someone changing the subject. We go from a church choir director shot, with no leads--not just the race, but who the attacker was at all--to your predicting an increase in racial violence. Can you cite for us all of the statistics of black-on-white crime in Portland? Anywhere else? Can you give us the numbers on Al Sharpton's army of thugs? Sounds a lot like a good ol' bogeyman to me.

What happened to this guy is scary and sad, but not for any of those reasons.

I suppose knowing what side he was shot on or from would provide if it was someone inside the car or a drive by as Larry implies.

It wouldn't surprise me at all if this crime turned out to have a racial/ethnic angle. It seems we can never, ever, escape that angle, it strikes me increasingly as a noose around American civil society.
The way the Martin-Zimmerman case is playing out is very revealing of the ugly racial divide that sprang into view around the OJ Simpson verdict.

And if the case turns out to be devoid of any ethnic angle (but of course it is not unconceivable that the perpetrator was a white person who thought Tierney was a non-white, the ultimate irony), then it was likely another crime committed in a state of temporary psychosis related to methamphetamines. What a scourge that substance has become.

Brian is a personal friend of mine. He is a kind soul with a wife & daughter. His most violent moment I have ever seen was in relating a complex character conflict, in the field of Opera and onstage.

Please refrain from using your personal violence & horros against this blessed man. Do not pre-suppose your own bias that vaguely masks your hasty opinions on the circumstances - which the police agree are completely unknown.

If you wish to spend time considering the complexities of this true tragedy of person & family, spend them in solemn & earnest prayer for a beloved performer & dear soul.

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