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Saturday, March 10, 2012

We built this city

Answer just 10 questions and you can have one, too.

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I answered the questions, and came up with Toronto - a really nice city, and apparently the exact opposite of Portland, based on how I answered the questions.

But we don't have subways (yet) and sirens disturb my rest. Can I wi-fi in Brazil?

"ich bin ein berliner!"

Me, too.

Damn that doesn't sound too good does it?

I'll see the rest of you hosers in T'ronto, eh?

Does the MAX run to Abu Dhabi??

I was labeled a Berliner as well. Out curiosity Jack, when in pegged you there, did it tell you that your lowest priority was wealth, and your highest sustainability?

You can play several times. it asks different leading questions. It is fun to try to play several caricatures. I played as a total "planners are gods" and ended up in San Paulo-highest sustainability, lowest wealth. Who can hit Portland?


Sustainability was lowest.

Wealth was highest.

My bad.

New York
Innovation was highest, sustainability was lowest value.

Oddly, I got London. Wealth was highest, transportation was lowest.

I got Berlin. I am not sustainable.

Crud! I got Chicago!

I played a few times, got Toronto twice, but then got Houston, Shanghai, Johannesburg and Mexico City. I'm inconsistent, that's apparent.

I guess I'm going to Mumbai with Nonny Mouse, but I'd rather go to London with Dr. Alex. Hey bud, got room for one or two more?

I ended up in Abu Dhabi. Seriously?

I was apparently big on lifestyle and low on livability, putting me in Chicago. I guess saying that I wouldn't require all government vehicles to be hybrids was a bad choice.

I hate yes-or-no questions, because so often my answer starts out with "it depends..."

These questions are packed with trendy assumptions and loaded with value judgements. "A wealthy plutocrat wants to shoot a basket of underprivileged kittens with unsustainable lead bullets. Do you stop him? Well, do you?!?"

The only question that resonated with me was the one about enforcing litter laws. Anyways, I also landed on Berlin. Now I wanna watch "Der Himmel ├╝ber Berlin", which isn't a bad thing at all. Thank you for that, insipid survey.

Oh, maybe this is why Berlin keeps coming up:


"The BMW Guggenheim Lab is in transit to Berlin, where it will be open from May 24 to July 29, 2012. An international hub of culture, politics, media, and science, Berlin promises ample opportunity for urban analysis and the generating and testing of new ideas. The BMW Guggenheim Lab Berlin will operate in Kreuzberg, a neighborhood known for its engagement with social action and public art, in an expansive lot along the River Spree."

Houston for me -- Highest priority is transportation, lowest is sustainability.
Jim Karlock must be proud of me right now.


Berlin. High Health, low wealth

Concordbridge -
I live in Houston, we build roads and roads and roads. We don't keep them up so well, some city streets look like they just went through an artillery practice session; but we do build them. As for sustainability, yup, I'm now a proud Texan (save Austin where we round up and corral all the liberals) and I say a pox on all this recycle/sustainability nonsense. Versus stinky food recycle slop buckets.

My last question was - Would you pay for a free bike service in your city?

Um, if I'm paying for it - is it really free?

Hmmmm, played four times, same questions each and every time. Ended up with Shanghai. At least the hookers are plentiful I've heard.

I got a reeducation camp in a remote desert location.

Native Oreg -- Are those roads full? If you build 'em and they are full, then it was the right thing to do.

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