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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Vote for Bojack in Mayoral Madness

For the love of God, please. Portland's had too many bad politicians in recent years to sign up for more of this:

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Time to get Dung-ho for Bojack!

Wonder what she put on her resume as her job title ?

I have several options in mind, but will not share.

I tried to vote more than once but they keep track!
Your exhumations seem to be working as I see now you are pummeling the pachyderm.

I use this blog to predict future portlandia episodes to my friends in SF. A vote for you, and keep up the good work!

Jack, if you should get desperate, here is some dirt for your campaign. Remember that slinging mud works both ways, evidenced by the photo you have provided.

I take no pride in giving up this information, but I know how badly this city needs new direction only you can provide.

Packy has sired seven calves with five different females. To date, he has not paid any elephant support.

Packy lives rent free, and has never had a real job, ever.

Packy claims to have been born in the U.S., but his mother was wild born in Thailand, and now says his elephant birth certificate cannot be found.

Packy's father died from complications related to an anesthetic he was given, but it is widely suspected that he had drug problems.

See how politics work? Elephants seldom run for election because of all the baggage they so often carry into an election, probably the reason they keep such large trunks.

Speaking of such, guess who showed up at our door on Saturday. Charlie Hales himself doing door to door. Why does politics in this town have to smell so bad.

Jack, you are having way too much fun with this. (and so are we!)

Having moved to Sylvan/West Slope in 1957 as a toddler, I'm quite torn about this, as Packy and the zoo were part of growing up for me.
But....I'll vote for you anyway, as PDX needs to be saved. ;-0

You know.. I had voted on my house computer..
But out of curiosity I tried from my netbook..
And the vote took...
What time does the library open ?
They have a BUNCH of computers..

There is no shame in ballot box stuffing !

I've also heard that Packy claimed to live in Stevenson, Washington for tax reasons...

Full disclosure: I was once present in the kitchen at the zoo when the chef and some kids made Packy's birthday cake.
Child labor issues anyone? Why not have them make some NIKES while we're at it?

And it gets even worse: Apparently the elephant can't handle lit candles like everyone else so we had to substitute carrots instead.

Do we really want a mayor we have to coddle like this?

Vote for Jack.

It took a few minutes this morning, but Jack now has his 70% of the vote back.
Just like any liberal democrat, you have to vote and vote often! Those in nursing homes and cemetery's can still have a voice!!
Electronic voting is the future!

Considering the work product that passes for governance in City Hall, I'll have to reconsider my vote for Mr Bog based on this picture.

"Why does politics in this town have to smell so bad."

You can help the smell go away, volunteer to help Scott Fernandez campaign.


OK, I voted for Jack (twice). But I gotta be honest, there is some appeal to having such a large mobile composter as mayor of Portlandia. Even setting aside his progressive symbolic value as the new face (regardless of which end you choose) of the Republican party in Oregon, his nuclear family alone could probably consume most of the contents of the City's slop buckets on a weekly basis. The economies of scale here are quite attractive.

The woman in the photo is a typical Portlandia citizen, on the receiving end of what "the City that works" has to offer....seemingly an endless supply.

Funny I thought she was part of the city hall press core doing what they do best.

Jack - I had a "get out the vote" day for you yesterday! Got our three daughters and their nine kids to vote for you!

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