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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Vote early and somewhat often for Bojack

Voting is under way in the Sweet 16 round of WW's Mayoral Madness. We're in a tough race against Felicia Heaton, whose dulcet voice is heard on not one but two Portland radio stations. Apparently they're putting in some kind of enhanced filtering system to try to stop people from voting multiple times, but you know how the kids are with computers. And so your help is desperately needed. Head on over to the Willy and pull the lever for us as many times as they'll let you. We're in the Josiah Failing Regional bracket, which should be going up any minute now if it's not already open. Strike a blow for the Bogosphere over mainstream media!

Comments (8)

Voting isn't open for Jack yet, but go vote for Victoria Taft in the meantime.

Not only is it open, but Jack currently leads 11-2. C'mon people, that's only a 9-vote margin!

Now to go log in on my ipad and see if I can vote from there.

And jump over and cast your vote for Bacon Maple bar !
We can't have some giant plastic fake move forward now can we ?

just voted. Jack's now behind 80 something to 60 something.

I did, indeed, vote for the bacon maple bar. Doesn't sound good to me but I have a niece who'd love it if her parents ever took her to VooDoo donuts.

And I voted for timothy hutton of Leverage fame. He's won an Oscar for his work in a great movie "Ordinary People."; nobody else in the contest has.

One IP address, one vote? That's unfair to my partner who shares my IP address! Better get your votes in -- Jack is 62 votes behind.

You dah man! Three computers....three votes!. Never realized it was this easy to trick the system.

I'm on a roll...think I'll try my system on my tax return!

The Josiah Failing Regional ballot box seems to be dysfunctional; it is not highlighted like the other three, although it is stated that "Voting opens March 31."

I should be the last to suspect vote rigging; nevertheless,....

We have entered, btw, Earth Hour, about which I have neither heard nor read an exhortation this year from the divisive, vindictive, alleged mayor of Portland.

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