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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Vote early and often

It's time to vote in the second round of WW Mayoral Madness -- and we're in it. Please give us your support! It's for the children!

Here's a photo of our opponent that he doesn't want you to see. He isn't so cute after he's had a few:

Comments (10)

He's obviously pro-bike.

Great shot. Love to see what he could do with a streetcar.

Embarrassment is natural for driving around with a scrunched trunk like that.

Dear god, what happens when he tries to take over the upstairs bath at City Hall?

"Just a reminder before we head out: Never forget that these are wild animals so please - for your own safety - stay in the car."

I've heard some disquieting tales of public urination in candidate P's past.

When I voted I noticed Packy was ahead..
The zoo must have added wifi to the primate section

Jack, I tried to vote for you more than once but they seem to know that I'm not a democrat.

If you think car tipping is bad just wait till you find out what he did to the cows.

(Packy that is)

What if Jack Bogdanski really became mayor? He'd probably keep one of the best bloggers now at City Hall to cover this blog. He wouldn't have the time anymore. Then he'd start cutting the financial non-sense that's bleeding the City. Following that he'd put gas tax money back to work fixing streets for all. And last, he'd make sure Fulton Community Center stays open.

Looks like a typical Republican to me.

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