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Friday, March 9, 2012

Useful information from Portland State

You newcomers to the Portland scam scene: If you're looking for a catalog of some of the biggest real estate development looters in Portland, it's all right here at the website of the Portland State Patronage Center. Check out the motley crew that's picked up the "urban pioneer" awards over the years, and you're well on your way to knowing what's gone wrong, horribly wrong, in Portland. Gerding Edlen, Williams Dame, Tri-Met, Vera Katz, Neil Goldschmidt, Mike Lindberg, Tom Moyer, Fred Stickel -- that's a big part of why the city govermment's broke, having been looted for condos and government Shangri-La's.

Here's a funny page from five years ago, before it all went so obviously bad:

Grand Sponsors of the 2007 Urban Pioneer Awards dinner are Williams & Dame Development, Gerding Edlen Development, Terry Bean and Bean Investment Real Estate, Hoffman Construction, GBD Architects, Howard S. Wright Constructors, Ticor Title Insurance, Portland Family of Funds, Geo Design Inc., Realty Trust Group and Dunn Carney Allen Higgins & Tongue LLP.

Follow the money.

Wonder who the Portland State Realtors will give this year's plaques to. It's about time to honor Earl the Pearl and Merritt Paulson, don'tcha think? And Randy Leonard, with the presentation by Judy Shiprack's husband.

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They should just make it simple and have a scoreboard for the entity that scores the most tax dollars.

Outside of an aside about a scholarship, funny how they don't make one mention of how this improves the PSU educational product.

It'd be interesting to know how much it costs these people to belly up to the public trough. I know the benefit/cost ratio is in their favor. But, I'm curious.

In typical fashion for these people Martha is concealing from voters ALL of her allegiances to all things Portland, hoping to get elected by giving false impressions.

Not a single mention of her prior work as former Chair of Clackamas County. Including her severe abuse of Urban Renewal to fund the Green Line & a mall upgrade. Among other things.


If light rail and Urban Renewal are so great for Clackamas County why doesn't Martha brag about her role in approving them?

Will the newspapers report or editorialize on her her prior record or support for Milwaukie Light Rail, Urban Renewal, the bridge fee scam and all things Portland? No. They will help deliver the false impression as they always do. And Clackamas County voters will have no idea they are voting for another Lynn Peterson/Sam Adams type candidate who will stab them in the back asap. That's exactly how the Clackamas County commission was taken over by the current batch.

Of course she is rounding up all the usual establishment supporters as they hope to keep a majority of the board and repel the rebellion. They want to continue to run and plan the county in ways the public does not support.
So their gang will soon begin the smear campaign against the challengers to their cabal. Just as they try to smear the initiatives and those involved.
Fortunately they have failed miserably and have lost major battles by huge margins and clarity for voters has never been greater.

"Urban Pioneer"? Give me a break. How creatively deceptive is that? "Urban Pillager" is more like it. More greenwashed transfer-of-wealth right here in River City, courtesy of our revolving door politicians and their ba-ba-bah sheeple supporters and constituents.


Candidates like Martha Schrader for Clackamas Co. Commission like to make lists of all the usual Metro/Transit/Planner cabal. They think that it separates them from other candidates and brings instant "sanity", that they are normal. Now those lists brings them "insanity", especially in Clackamas Co.- probably why she lost her Senate seat in Salem.

And the real meaning of those list are spreading.

The Urban Pioneer Award honors community leaders who exhibit many of the ideals taught to students and valued by College of Urban and Public Affairs' faculty and community partners.

Ideals taught to students?

Now those lists brings them "insanity", especially in Clackamas Co.- probably why she lost her Senate seat in Salem.

And the real meaning of those list are spreading.

Those lists have worked "magic" for insiders for years, it is time for the people in Portland to examine them and the meaning of them.

LO Mayor, Jack Hoffman is a partner in Dunn Carey et al. You can follow the money to Dunn Carey clients like Homer Williams and Oregon Iron Workd (or maybe it's Portland Streetcar, it's hard to keep them straight). But no worries, there's no conflict of interest, just a potential for a conflict of interest. The state ethics commission stays up late working on stuff like this.

Judy Shiprack aka judy bauman?

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