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Saturday, March 10, 2012

The O censors "Doonesbury"

Next week should see an enormous spike of interest in Gary Trudeau's cartoon strip, but it's too heavy for Portland's monopoly daily newspaper, and so you'll have to see it here.

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What? Again? Didn't they learn their lesson the last time? Can somebody dig up the one they censored the last time they did this, just for nostalgia's sake? Was Bud Clark mayor then?

New law: mandatory public prostate exams for every practitioner of censorship, at noon in the public square.

Too bad. "O" readers will miss out on Doonesbury's take on the "Entitlement Generation". Abortion you say, that was so last week. Oh well, apparently this will teach him (Trudeau).

At least we'll have Ziggy.

Then to post a link to the cartoon.. Teaching their soon ex readers how to simply bypass the "O."
I rarely click on the Online "O."
The Bog is a good news aggregator of the area of any significant news.

A-bortion...the latest scarlet letter.
No no...NO! abortions, not for rape or incest or even to save the life of a pregnant woman. "ya musta been askin' for IT" if any of those things happened or you sinned! mullah Rick and Rush said so!
This nation is rapidly regressing into the 17th century or advancing to the future of The Handmaid's Tale.

Don't forget how many years they were censoring\\\\\\\\\editing for space Dave Barry's column. Until he'd had enough and put the O (and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch) into the story. Then they just pulled it for that week as well.


And when William Hilliard took the helm he printed his manifesto (nothing like Charles Foster Kane's) vowing to never print anything in the pages which might offend or disturb the readers.

I wrote to him that was not the function of a major daily paper. If that was his true desire he should consider the bathroom tissue business instead.

Oh, and when Fred Stickel ran the O the paper would not print the word "condom."


The O buys comic strips that offend readers? WHAT readers?

It's like LarsLarson selling illegal AK-47s ALL the time stark raving wacko like
when a tree falls in the forest: nobody cares, one hand clapping, his hate flapping.

And don't forget Harvey Scott, O editor, at the turn of the 19th century, who vigorously opposed women in Oregon being able to vote.

Yay! The old Tensky's back! Where ya been?

Meanwhile, for comparison's sake, in a rather red state where GOPers have today anointed Santorum for president:

"KANSAS CITY, Mo.—In early versions of a March 9 story on a forthcoming 'Doonesbury' comic strip series that uses graphic imagery to lampoon a Texas law requiring women to have an ultrasound before an abortion, The Associated Press reported that The Kansas City Star would use a replacement 'Doonesbury' strip offered by the comic's syndicate in the newspaper's comics section. All versions of the AP story should have made clear that the paper also plans to publish the series about the abortion issue in its opinion section."

It was amazing, Concord - you should have seen it! Tensky actually posted once without spewing his "I hate Larson" bile. Alas, we knew it couldn't last.

I didn't know Doonesbury was still being printed. Not a very funny cartoon in my opinion. To say that performing an ultrasound on a patient is equivalent to rape is obnoxious and untrue. Planned Parenthood performs one for almost every abortion to see how far along the baby is. Planned Parenthood doesn't show it to the mother, however, for fear she'll learn the truth that its a child not a choice. Doonesbury needs to be thrown on the ash heap of history.

genop - Entitlement generation? Is that the 'greatest generation' or the baby boomers?

This kind of crap is why I stopped reading the Oregonian years ago. They are just a front for the Pope and Rush Limbo.

Dear John,
The government, dominated by old white men, needs to stay out of doctors' offices. All women are perfectly capable of making their own personal health crate decisions.

Ooops should read "health care" decisions.

Personally I have no problem at all leaving my health-crate decisions to Monsignor Santorum.

Jo....Re: "Entitlement Generation" I was referring to the character "Jeff Redfern" who just scored a McMansion. According to Doonesbury lore: "Jeff Redfern was born in December, 1982" that would make him 30ish.

Interestingly, the "Dallas Morning News" decided to run the strips, but that's because it took an incredible amount of grief back in the early Nineties for censoring "Doonesbury" on a regular basis. This was, after all, after its owners paid off Universal Press Syndicate for exclusive access to UPS's features and block the "Dallas Times Herald" from using any of them, and after the "Times Herald" died because of their loss.

What's interesting to me is that both papers have a different attitude toward the same demographic. The big difference between the "Boring Snooze" and the "Boregonian" is that the editorial management out here still gets butthurt when anyone describes its readership as "little old ladies who sent their grandkids out to fight Sherman and Grant." They make efforts to attract young readers: they're pathetic efforts, on a par with putting on a polyester leisure suit and hanging out at a rave, but at least they try in a sad way. Apparently, management at the "O" has decided that the alter kokker demographic is the only one still willing to pay to read it, hence the ongoing efforts to drive away any readers under the age of 60. And then they cry about how readers decide to get their news from other sources.

John: being the husband of a Planned Parenthood employee, I can tell you with 100 percent certainty that, at least in regards to PPCW, you have been grossly misinformed. Though I doubt you mind.

I suppose that John will have no problem with this piece of legislation.

How about it, John?

Great Link tommyspoon; thanks!
And "John", when you grow a uterus, then you can express an opinion about womens' health care.
Tell us, do you support the pubilc whipping, or the stoning to death of young women for wearing western style clothes, talking to boys, or driving a car?
These draconian laws are nothing more than scared, old, white, men trying to subjugate women. If you want to live like that, move to Saudia Arabia or Afghanistan!

Watch out, Portland Native - your hate is showing.

I hate only intolerance. Those with whom I disagree have a right to their opinions, but they do not have the right to impose their opinions on me!

Whatever goes on in the doctor's office should stay in the doctor's office. As for the cartoon - not really my cup of tea. Abortion, no matter if you agree with it or not, is a very serious thing. Asking the patient if this is her first one is tacky.

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