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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The choice is clear

In Mayoral Madness this week, we're up against radio personality Felicia Heaton.

If you tune in to Heaton's soft rock radio show, you are likely to hear Chicago bleating "Hard to Say I'm Sorry," and Phil Collins butchering "You Can't Hurry Love." Plus "One More Night" and Pat Benatar, over and over until your head explodes.

If you tune in to Bojack Radio, you may hear anything from John Coltrane performing "Giant Steps" to Steve Earle belting out "Copperhead Road" to Tony Bennett and Bill Evans nailing "Make Someone Happy" to the Four Tops doing "Standing in the Shadows of Love" to the Shins with "Kissing the Lipless" to Eva Cassidy crooning "Imagine." And far fewer commercials!

Just say no to corporate media. Go for the candidate who plays 'em like he hears 'em.

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I'll vote for the first candidate who endorses Q-Tip's song, "Breathe and Stop." Just when you get discouraged by rap, somebody takes another big step in the search for the mother groove.

Make sure Joan Osborne has some tunes playing.

Sounds like she brought a butter knife to a Baretta fight.

Sally, she brought a butter knife. Jack brought nukes.

I don't know if Felecia Heaton mentions this election on the air, but it sounds like Victoria Taft may have used her radio show to beat Timber Joey. How is that fair?

At some point the Equal Time rule for radio and TV stations has to kick in.

First, I think Kate Brown would agree that this is not a fake election because there's clearly something on the line here. It has definitely drawn more interest than the labor commissioner race. So wouldn't Kate feel that the intent of the legislators was for the Equal Time rule to apply?

I think it's a legalistic no-brainer: Jack should be allowed to spin some Coltrane and appeal to voters on the soft rock station.

This is why we have rules.

What's that you're listening to in your seat, Mister Mayor-wannabe?
Did you bring enough to share with everybody?

Wait, there's an idea I'm involved with which is the same thing as is going on here and completely different.
Before March 31, GO here:
Veterinary Hospital Design award

In the drop-down menu of choices you see,
VOTE for: NorthStar Vets hospital.

A Philadelphia friend, Jeff, is the architect who designed it. It's in New Jersey.

I like you Jack but you have to know this, if you come up against bacon maple bars you are going to lose...

I am hoping any photos you might post of your new opponent are a little more flattering than those you posted of your previous opponent....or not.

OT: Looks like the Sustainability Center wasn't:


If they can ever find a private investor, the stratospheric rents will be even higher.

"It has all the attributes of other buildings that get built commercially," said Patrick Quinton, executive director of the Portland Development Commission ...

Hmm... well, I guess you could turn off the climate control, water supply, and electricity in an otherwise functional office building to meet this definition of "attributes".

Then nobody would want to lease space there, either -- even at a much lower rate than the Sustainability Celebrity Center planned to charge.

I tried voting for you this morning...is the ballot box not yet open and ready to be stuffed? Or was I simply unable to find the link to vote for you?

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