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Friday, March 23, 2012

Thank you, Mike Donahue

We have lived in Portland for going on 34 years now, and one constant has been having Mike Donahue on our TV screen, bringing us the news on Channel 6. "The Chipmunk," as a friend of ours used to call him, is a real pro -- a class act. We'd put him right up there in the Bill Schonely category when it comes to being a video icon in this town. There are so many memories of stories that we got from him. Other people were reading us the same news, but it wasn't really authoritative if it wasn't coming from Donahue.

This week we learn that Donahue is retiring in a couple of months, after a most distinguished career. We join a lot of other long-time viewers in wishing him all the best.

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I was Mike's producer (and later Executive Producer) for 15 years. If you looked in the dictionary under the word integrity Mike's picture should be there. Mike never took the responsibility of sharing the news of the day lightly and saw his "celebrity" as an opportunity to reach out to others, not feed his ego. He worked through his dinners to watch video and write for our newscasts. There isn't a person who spent even a day at KOIN who will forget the time they spent in the presence of someone so worth the accolades he is receiving now as he announces his future. He will be missed.

Coming from you, with your high standards for people in the public eye, this is high praise indeed. And well deserved. Mike has been a real asset to this community.

When TV anchors and reporters seem to come and go, when TV stations are looking for "image" - Mike Donahue has perservered and remained a steady icon in Portland. I may not have watched him often and I never got to meet him in person, but he earned our respect every day when he could be trusted to report on the news of the day.

Thanks, Mike. You'll be missed, and best of wishes in retirement.

I spent enough time in media to learn that announcements of retirement bring out the truth that everyone feels about a particular individual. The fact that everyone wishes Mike a happy retirement should tell you everything you wanted to know about him. (Funnily enough, I came across some VHS tapes from when I lived in Portland fifteen years ago, and I played one a couple of months ago. Catching a bit of one of his newscasts made me wish we had more folks like him down here in Dallas.)

The Last of the Mohicans.

Class act, man of integrity and a kind, thoughtful soul aptly describe Mike Donahue.

I've admired Mike and his work throughout his 40 years on the air in Portland.
Well wishes, Mike, your retirement is well-deserved and our loss.

F Jones beat me to it.

Maybe Scott Fernandez will hire Mike when Scott gets elected Mayor. City Hall sure could use a kind, unselfish, smart, straight talking man of integrity like Mike Donahue.

As a former competitor of Mike's for years - and who usually got trounced by him in the ratings - I echo John Ray's sentiments. Solid journalist, hard worker,loyal,and highly admired inside and outside the newsroom. A nicer person you'll never meet. Best of luck, Mike, and enjoy retirement. You've earned it!

Not to take anything away from Mike, much the same can be said for you, Pete

Mike would feel out of place in the snakepit that is City Hall. After years of reporting the news, trying to obfuscate the facts would be tiresome at best.

Congrats on your retirement!

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