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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sweet 16 opponent a little too sweet

We see that we have defeated The Beast. Surprisingly. Improbably. And so it is on to our next opponent in Willy Week Mayoral Madness. We think it's Felicia Heaton, who is a radio announcer. Just our luck. Having overcome challenges by an elephant and a massive man child, we're now faced with a lovely young woman with an exquisite voice and thousands of listeners trapped in their cars every afternoon. Then on the weekend, when Madness voting is the heaviest, she plays music on the soft rock station. You can't go negative on somebody like that without a serious backlash. Plus, she'll have those Mark and Dave guys messing with the audience's mind. It will be our toughest challenge to date.

But there's enough weirdness here that we may have a shot. Guess who she was posing with a week and a half ago. Just guess.

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Clearly a disturbing picture. It could be the old quid pro quo: "You give me the banana now and I'll throw the election to you in the next round."

ur toast....

Felicia Heaton doing a Bone Luge. Very disturbing!

Sounds like Packy took a dive. Now be careful with Felicia. She'll probably fight until she's hamburger.

Don't go all wobbly on us now Jack. Politics is business! Nothing personal. You aren't forcing anybody to get into competition, and if they're going to put themselves in your way you just have to CRUSH them. Don't look down, don't look back, don't look aside. Do what you gotta do -- what you were born to do. The radiochick could have stayed in her apolitical studio.

Some obvious collusion there.

You're a tax law professor, don't you know someone that could have her audited?

Packy hardly took a dive, Take a look at the total amount of votes in the race compared to the other races. Mid day friday Packy posted a cool 200+ extra votes. Near the end there was a steady trickle of votes for Packy that suggested someone didn't want the Bog to win. To get past the Radiochick it will take at least 2000 or more votes for the Bogfather. That's a lot of vig!

On behalf of Packy himself, his supporters want to wish you all the best in the next leg of this "competition." While it was fun, sir, Packy really needs to focus on his duties as ambassador of his species and celebrating the big 5-0 next month.

All the best to you and the other Mayoral candidates!

Packy PAC

Oh, I get it. Packy acts gracious now and then angles for a a job as the mayor's aide. Smart.

I agree. Packy could be The Bog's Chief of Staff. The biggest trunk ever to grace the Men's room at City Hall.

Thanks for the photo. I didn't know what a Felicia Heaton was!

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