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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sustainability Center falls into zombie state

Speculation is that it's dead, but it's so stupid, and it would make Edlen and the boys such a bundle, that you know it's nowhere near that. Along with the Convention Center hotel, it will be back some dark night. All it takes is for the taxpayers to nod off for a second, or for Earl the Pearl to come up with a modest handout.

The story is mildly amusing if for no other reason that The Scone makes an appearance as some sort of authority on education. Knowing Neil and how to play along still goes quite a way in this town.

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Sustainability is the new conservatism

The trouble is nothing ever stays the same- so the not only is the concept dumb, it's counter to life itself.

Dan "Legend" Saltzman, was the council's swing vote when it voted 3-2 to greenlight the center. But, he stipulated that the center could not tap any new funding through the city's urban-renewal districts. According to the Oregonian article, Adams won't seek to change that agreement.

And ... this is crucial ... the latest map of Sam the Scam's Education urban renewal area does not include the site of the Sustainability Center.

Something is very, very queer with all this.

You know we shoudl really start toting up a zombie list of these projects, because you know if they get an extra penny, they'll throw it at them. They'll either play some PDC scam or make it necessary for a bike/MAX line deal. So:
- Sus center
- CC Hotel
- ?

50% higher rent than Class A downtown office space and a $40M funding shortfall = unsustainable.

Btw, I wonder how that federal investigation of the inner workings of CoP is sustaining itself these days?

And ... this is crucial ... the latest map of Sam the Scam's Education urban renewal area does not include the site of the Sustainability Center.

So then Adams gets Saltzman's vote?

Urban Renewal morphing into adding or using different names to somehow make them more acceptable to the public?
Education urban renewal area, Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative?

It won't be long before everyone in Portland will be subsidizing each other.

Its been fun watching this tragically deformed architectural fetus head towards its inevitable miscarriage. If it is somehow brought to term we will all be heading for the shelters.

I wonder why no one ever mentions that General Electric is (was?) one of the major partners in this debacle. http://climatesolutions.org/news/city-of-portland-ge-focused-on-sustainable-prosperity-together
Yes, General Electric, whose "sustainable" projects include Fukushima
General Electric , the company which recently lost a lawsuit for building a defective helicopter that killed and injured 13 firefighters and then colluded with the NTSB to cover it up, even stooping to "losing" key evidence. http://www.oregonlive.com/pacific-northwest-news/index.ssf/2012/03/jury_in_firefighter_helicopter.html
I could go on about GE, their role in the irreversible destruction of the Hudson River, how they released radiation over the PNW when they ran Hanford, their role in the defense industry. The green-washing and the denial is beyond Orwellian.

Anne T,
Thank you for reminding us about that memorandum of understanding
between Adams and GE.
I remember the photographs of the signing:

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