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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Remember Wesley Clark?

SoloPower -- Portland's next "green" economic savior (honest) -- has just put him on its board of directors.

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I wonder what compensation he receives for this gig?

Members of Boards get all expenses paid, all of them.
Members of Boards stay in the very BEST Hotels on expense
Account. They pay for nothing, they meet a few days a year, get paid tens of thousands of dollars for attending several meetings a year. The General, is a fancy suit in a chair, they are just there for appearance.
Very lucrative. Many serve on several different company
Boards raking in the cash. Mostly these Board members
are window dressing.

Lake Oswego's main ego.

I liked him better when he was a Republican Presidential Candidate.

But I am totally impressed with his resume. 1st at the Academy. Rhodes scholar. Military success. Every medal ever given. Basically, Bill Clinton without the draft dodger womanizer sleaze factor. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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