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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Reduce, reuse, recycle

A reader sends in these photos from northeast Portland:

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My neighbor got a huge dumpster for his remodel job. He let it be known that anyone is free to add their garbage. Now everyone's garbage problems are solved for the next six months or so.

The garbage Gestapo will be arriving shortly. The compost gulag awaits.

"The compost gulag awaits."

You'll be sentenced to work amidst the stench in North Bend.

All I see in the picture are criminally unraked leaves, flourishing invasive species, and deadly pedestrian surfaces. Somebody needs to do some 'splainin'!!

A year or so back, Mayor Adams tried to give the composting bucket to Gilly (80ish) at a Wednesday City Hall meeting and she looked at Adams, saying... "my daughter provides for all my needs"... He then turned and gave it to me... I replied... "a feeding bowl for the Raccoons?"

There's no safety/handrails on the steps. Total violation. Now we've got Randy involved. Close'em down, Randy.

Is it "stupid-ass" bin, or, stupid "ass bin?" This is troubling me.

That's just great. Endorsing some baboon's wish to anally rape the mayor for having the audacity to require the citizens of this city to handle their garbage in a manner consistent with the reality that undifferentiated land-filling has become unsustainable in the modern world. Just great. So edifying. Such a worthy contribution to the "public debate."

Dear Ed,

Your service was cut in half and your bill was increased. There was nothing preventing adding kitchen waste to the Green bin to begin with. An additional plastic bucket was an unnecessary expense for which we are charged. The plastic slop bucket was made in Canada.

Who is being raped here?

1/2 service = same price

Business as usual from the sitting Mayor + cronies.
Also unsustainable.
Consumer rage, Cozmic Ed.

Such a worthy contribution to the "public debate."

Seems that was the problem, Ed dear. I mean, "Cozmic" Ed dear. There was no debate. It was an undifferentiated dictatorship, hopefully unsustainable. One would have thought that you of all people would have at least appreciated the audacity.

Is it really more environmental to run two to three trucks through each neighborhood weekly instead of the old one truck? Southwest Airlines figured out long ago the only way to stay above water in the airline industry is to keep it very simple, running one type of plane. In the case of garbage, there is probably significant economy of scale to just running one truck, loading it on one transportation convoy, and burying it in one big hole in Kalimasoo where rural folks could use the business.

It certainly takes significant time from each family's schedule to sort garbage, and try to avoid getting the green yard debris bin gooey with food residue which might attract rhodents.

Like so many thin brained, good intention things thought up by city hall: It might not seem broken; but believe us, it's broken and needs fixing.

Thanks, Ed - I completely missed the part about anal rape; apparently you know more about that sort of thing than I do.

Ha ha! I get it! Because the mayor is gay! Oh, that's rich indeed.

[rolls eyes]

Wow, what a reaction. He must not have gotten the memo that it's for the children. When he does get the memo, he'll certainly change his mind. It's for the children, remember? For the children.

"It's for the children, remember? For the children."

Quoth George Carlin: "F**k the children!"

Dave J.: It's not because he's gay. It's because Sam's head has been stuck up his a** for so long, that the brown bin gives him a chance to pull his head out and put in a place holder while he takes a breath.

Ha ha! I get it! Because the mayor is gay! Oh, that's rich indeed.


the mayor's GAY?!

The mayor isn't gay. He doesn't even seem particularly happy. He just seems desperate.

Cozmic Ed present dumping as unsustainable when it clearly isn't. Nationwide, per capita net landfill amounts have been decreasing for years and are now less than they were 50 years ago. Total landfill amounts peaked in about 1990 and are now less than 1980. Total waste generation (before recycling and other recovery) has decreased since 2005. Meanwhile landfill capacity remains constant or is actually increasing.

Wasting resources is wasting resources, even for feel good measures.


Thank you Andrew for remarks about landfill use. Apparently people like Cozmic Ed have no clue how much vast unused land there is in the western USA. We are hardly anywhere near running out of landfill space. I would suggest he take a trip down Oregon Highway 31 between LeGrande and Lakeview sometime to see what about 110 miles of mostly nothing looks like.

some baboon's wish to anally rape the mayor

Really, Ed? Telling someone to shove it is "anal rape"? You may have some issues. Especially when the sign says to ask him to do it himself. Try to talk to someone professionally about this.

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