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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Quotation of the Day

"They all sound alike," Moore says. "I can't tell you the difference between the three."

There are other choices -- among them Fernandez, Brumm, and Whitten.

Comments (3)

"'I think Smith is the third wheel at this point,' says Moore."

Third wheel of the tricycle that is electoral politics in the five-person, commission form of unrepresentative governance?

Third wheel of a four-wheeled, red wagon lacking functional parts?

Scott Fernandez, tell us more about how you differ from the undifferentiated, shameless three. The O, WW, and the electronic media, save 'BOO, have given no evidence of interest in doing so.

Scott Fernandez, I noticed that on the KATU site that they asked for candidate responses to their, and viewer questions. But there was no response from you. I encourage you to make responses so that the you can differentiate yourself. Doing this on other forums like this would help you too. But I know it takes time and all, but take advantage of opportunties, especially when they are free. We need a clear choice versus the 3in1 that we are being presented.

What differentiates me from the others are my decades of combined experiences in business, science, and bureau budgeting. This allows me to begin working the first day, not waiting for a learning curve to kick in. I will be posting campaign positions on my web site next week.
I’m a microbiologist who since 2002 generated position papers successfully challenging the EPA LT2 science. We drink safe and healthy Bull Run water for the last decade because of those writings. Portland Utility Review Board demanded a waiver because of that work. I also successfully challenged privatization of Bull Run in 2002. It was known as the Regional Drinking Water Initiative, and the Bull Run Drinking Water Agency. We would be drinking blended Willamette, Columbia, and Clackamas water if not for my position on public health. See Regional Transmission and Storage Strategy 2000. documenthttp://www.conserveh2o.org/sites/default/files/resources/plans/completefinaltransstudy.pdf. My approach is serious, to provide guidance for a common sense approach to public health and ratepayer benefits, funding basic services first. We will see more articles on Portland Harbor Superfund. I have already put together a scientifically based plan that can provide an economical solution. We’ve already wasted 10’s of millions of dollars studying the harbor. I use these science examples to show proven leadership from the past, and Harbor Superfund for the future.

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