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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"Public involvement"? Well, sort of.

The City of Portland now has some sort of requirement on the books that there be "public involvement" before big projects get started. But here's an amusing spin on those rules: The "public involvement" in a big city contract can be just several companies' bidding the job.

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In every city policy decision article SOMEONE at some point says Portlanders need to 'get over it' and move on ... whatever the issue is. My vote for new city motto.

4) Revenue: Will this legislation generate or reduce current or future revenue coming to
the City? If so, by how much? If so, please identify the source.

Does this mean the $10 Million was already paid or just already allocated?

"that there be "public involvement" before big projects"

What you didn't get the notice at 11:59PM Friday about the midnight meeting?

Stop complaining and move to Houston since it's so much better there.

There is absolutely public involvement in every project.

Absolutely. Unquestionably. Without a doubt.

The public's involvement is to "invest" in the project by paying taxes, that "benefit the public" in building these projects.

Involvement doesn't mean opinion. It just means you have something to do with it. So shut up and pay your taxes already, you insignificant little person. Stop bothering us important folks up here.

We are now leaving the fuzzy world of crony capitalism and entering the new world order of state socialism.

The new world where public involvement is checked off on a form.

What do they call a public vote?

INFO, you know that Metro Commissar Carl Hostika just recently called voting in Clackamas and Washington Co. as "Undemocratic".

When they powers that be ignore the results of that vote and go ahead and do whatever they want, yas.

Because Portland REALLY CARES about process. And community inclusiveness. And diverse opinions.

Heh, heh.

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