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Friday, March 9, 2012

Portland biogas plant will bomb, says competitor

Granted, this guy has an obvious ax to grind, but whom are you going to believe -- him or Sam Adams?

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I stand with Sam!

What do you think should be more important for getting money from CoP - a viable economic plan, or a really good lobbyist?

Well, so far the mayor has either been wrong, personally admitted to being a liar, or suspected of manipulating data.

Who to believe? What a sad state of affairs on the SS Green And Sustainable.

Just rearrange the deck chairs...we are sunk!

Some one once said "if we could harness catpaw kneading as an energy source, we would not need electricity." I mandate that all passive car headrest restraints should connect to the existing power grid whenever we turn our nose up smelling the sustainable stink. Turning a nose up in superiority would make "Monsters Inc" look like a minor power source.

Of course Sam Adams supports this. If they can turn bullsh*&t into energy, and money, he'll be able to give the Saudis a run for their money.

Hey, these guys went out and found private funding, while Bigas couldn't get a nibble. This is the way the stuff should be done - no taxpayer subsidies!

That's not an axe to grind. That's an understanding that if he doesn't make noise now, the collapse of Columbia Biogas will reflect badly on anybody who's actually making a profit off the process. His pointing out that he can get private funds, while the only way CBG can operate such a facility in Portland without city and state funds, is sound business sense. (I also loved the snotty response from Columbia Biogas about how the criticism was unwarranted because nobody's seen their plans. Oh, I'll bet nobody's seen those plans yet, other than the execs who are still collating them. It's hard to reach that far up your own butt to get those kinds of numbers.)

So anyone who is against Sam "has an ax to grind"?

No, just you, apparently.

He has an ax to grind because he's a competitor of Columbia Biogas.

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