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Monday, March 19, 2012

Please do not show this to anyone at Portland City Hall

You just know they're going to want them. You just know.

They'll probably show up somewhere along the line of the Milwaukie Mystery Train.

Comments (13)

They would provide necessary shelter for the frightful deer baby.

Will they have rights like real trees?

I like 'em ... as a design concept used in correct proportion with its environment.

Then again, I like sculptural things and I like trees.

As long as people remember these aren't REAL trees....with leaves. Obviously, nobody associated with Milwaukie MAX has the common sense to remember that.

Ugly and undoubtedly hideously expensive...so of course "they" will need them. Better than real trees too! So Portlandia!

How much greenhouse gasses will be emitted as they create faux "greenhouse gas scrubbers" (ie, real trees)?

In the meantime, at NE 102 & Halsey, there is a public art installation where tall red poles represent trees. I've never quite understood why they didn't put real trees there...they would have fit nicely with the theme of the art piece.

Maybe they can build them with revenue from the leaf fee program.

Tre Arrow can live in one. Him and his bucket.

Why do I get the feeling that people who say they like trees aren't happy until they cut them down and put up sculptures to remember them by? In public plazas of course, in vibrant , walkable, communities.

So that's what is going to replace all those trees along McLoughlin when the TriMet bulldozers plow through them to build the next light rail line. And destroy the "protected" wetland that Union Pacific had to restore under the terms of a big federal lawsuit...that'll all be buried and filled in.

More subsidized condo bunkers of course!

Subsidized condo bunkers... for birds!

And like the humans, they won't move there either.

Visit Singapore. One of the richest countries in the world. Built on an island with basically no natural resources.

They not only build fantastic stuff like these trees, but they pay for them...with current money.

Pave paradise, put up a parking lot...with concrete and steel trees.

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