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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Packy the Elephant -- wrong for Portland

So much of what our opponent does is not safe for work. Even Portland doesn't want to be this weird.

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It's a metaphor for the Republican Party screwing the RINOs.

"Even Portland doesn't want to be this weird."

That is a normal, consensual cross breeding relationship. Just like Goldy and his baby sitter and Sam Adams mentoring a teenage boy-toy intern in the City Hall men's room, those are normal Portland weird.

What would be too weird for Portland would be to have as Mayor a hetero (worse than that, a married hetero) college professor, who has children, a car, and a house with an actual garage. But beyond acceptable is that almost every sentence out of his mouth spews mostly truthful statements that challenge the status quo. No lies from our elected officials? Too Weird for Portland!

ok, that was frigging funny

last I checked, you're winning by a mile; keep this up and you'll win in a landslide.

(I didn't arrive in Portland until my late 40s; so I have no emotional attachment to Packy).

Jack; Shame on you, appealing to pachyphobia. We don't know if it's our Packy in that photo, or even the age of the rhino. You don't need to go negative.

You've just lost the vote of the transpecies crowd.

hey at least he got the right end , the other might have been painful

Jack, before you went on vacation you must of goggled "disgusting photos of Packy". Will the next one be Packy pulling a TriMet train or bus? Figuratively speaking?

Lee, the photos aren't of Packy. The rhino/elephant one features an African elephant, the b/w is an old circus photo, the car is taken out by a timber bull run amok.

Thanks Max, being born here I had no idea that wasn't the real Packy. Our high school even had a naming contest for the first elephant born in the western hemisphere-right here in Portland.

As I think about it, Packy being the "first" is likely Portland's first, really "first", even though Sam continuously claims we are the "first" in about everything. We invented toilets, we invented Green, we invented sustainability, bikepaths, slop buckets, you name it.

Don't forget that we invented light rail and the Internet. Right here, in Portland. Never mind we didn't even host an ARPAnet node, but we invented the Internet!

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