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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"Oswego Lake is already public"

Like a kayak over troubled waters, WW lays it down.

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Occupy Oswego Lake?
Sounds like a couple of hundred kayakers need to show up and have a "paddle in"

I was wondering when someone would "challenge" the Lake Corp and simply wade in.

"What are they going to do, arrest me?" I guess not.

I like the kayak idea. A nice summer time event too!

I'm sure everyone has at one time or another sneaked into a vacant building or someplace where they didn't belong. I can remember quite a few when I was young. It was fun. Then I grew up.

very nice... and nolo, you missed the point, you crusty old fart

The concept of private property really rankles some people.

I’m just curious, does the Lake Oswego Corporation, which owns the land underneath the lake, pay property taxes on this large parcel of land?

Good question Brad - maybe someone with knowledge about LC expenses knows. I do know the members pay a lot to keep up the lake. If the state took over maintenance you wouldn't want to go paddling there.

I'd love to see the Occupy "forces" build some make shift barges and camp out on the Lake. That'd be fun.

Keeping up and maintaining the lake is to their benefit as it keeps their property values ridiculously high. But that hardly means they own it.

Own what anyway? The bottom? That's a stretch. Can they sell it? Can they drain it? Can they redirect the flow? Drill for oil/minerals? Grow corn, raise cattle? Can they do anything at all with it? No. They do not even have the right of exclusion.

I have been busted for swimming before in Oregon. I tried to swim in a small river on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation. I was nearly arrested. So not all waterways are public I guess.

If you wade in you are trespassing are you not ?
Did not the court rule the Lake Corp owns the land underneath ?

So swim away and remember the word's of Bill Cosby,
"how long can you tread water?"

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