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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Oregon chardonnay?

The Times crew tasted a bunch. And they actually liked some of them.

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I'm being asked to log in to NYT. Can't read it.

Any Goldschmidt-grape's juice in those bottles?


Go here for the local story from Jennifer Cossey:

From the valley of pinot gris, chardonnay still flows -- some unoaked, too many not.

From beyond the valley, too. Consider this description of the modestly priced ($12) 2009 Foris from the Rouge:

"Aromatic notes of tree and citrus fruit combine with lilies and spring flowers for a memorable start. Cardamom and chamomile add to the complexity with beautiful richness on the palate highlighted by notes of fresh baked walnut bread, dried herbs and sunflower seeds."

Thanks for the link, Gardiner Menefree.

For me, too many notes. To tell the truth, if a taster tried some of my best cooking, and made a list like that, I would consider the dish a failure!

Arturo Toscanini had a similar situation when asked about how he thinks a piece he was going to perform should sound, and got a list not unlike, albeit shorter, than those wine notes. His answer? "I play it Allegro con Brio" as it was marked on the score.

Starbuck, agreed, it is a daunting description. I prefer my "fresh baked walnut bread" with a little butter and perhaps a pinot gris.

Re the NYT, notice this tightening restriction:

"A year after it began charging for full access to its website, The New York Times is cutting the number of articles available for free from 20 per month to 10."


"The website's 'paywall' has many gaps. Readers who follow links in emails, on Web pages, Facebook and Twitter can still access individual articles for free even if they have reached their limit."

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