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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Obama and Wyden's America

They're looking out for you -- honest.

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Gotta' remember that Obama and Gatsby aren't really rich (despite Wyden's attempt to channel John Kerry), its just that Obama and Wyden work for the rich.

While it makes a great tag line, Obama and Wyden, whatever their faults, didn't cause this obscene disparity. In an increasingly right-centric politic, enabling this shift has been the price for getting much of anything progressive done (and 8 years under Bush with republican flavored Congress did the most recent heavy lifting). The real sock puppets are the tea partiers and their ilk, completely co-opted by their well-funded Kochesque masters. Memes like Taxed Enough Already are simply cover for the evisceration of the very populace the taxes should be intended to help. The monied puppet masters find it easier to fleece the red side of the spectrum, at least on the national level. Locally, there is a different game afoot but the dance is still the same.

The model of the new world disorder is the Philippines- a country to which we slaughtered tens of thousands because they wanted to be independent. Rather we supported the existing Spanish Colonial system- that was intermixed with Chinese traders

A small cluster (a few hundreds) of uber-wealthy families control the whole country and have for the past 90 years or so. They shuffle the deck now and again, taking turns on who gets to reside in the palaces, but that is the only change.

Whenever the populace gets some idea that life should be more fair, they declare a communist insurgency or the now trendy term, "domestic terrorism".

If things really get out of hand, then Marshall Law is declared. Even the so-called "people's revolution" is run by the insiders- paying people to hit the streets.

As for elections, everybody is on the take. Most families depend on the money they get paid to vote for the designated person as a means to survive.

So we are up against a model that has been thoroughly tested for decades and is now being implemented here in rather bold strokes.

Income/wealth inequality figures are shocking no matter how many times you see them. I agree that tax policy is an exacerbating factor, but firmly believe that it is the choices the 99% makes when spending its' money that is steering the boat. Our dollar vote makes a much larger difference than our democratic one, these days.

"Martial", Tim, "martial".

The Philippines ain't Dodge City, and Matt Dillon isn't around.

Let's see, people who had a bunch a money took the biggest hit during the market meltdown and get the biggest lift on the dead cat bounce in 2010, as if that has some sort of existential meaning? Anyone who thinks Ratner's selective statistics mean anything isn't thinking.

The rich have been getting richer since the dawn of time. It's kind a interesting that every couple of generations there seems to be a new batch of names.

"Them thats got shall get, them thats not shall lose..." Blood Sweat & Tears

The rich always get richer.

The only difference between the Democrats and Republican administrations is WHO gets richer faster.

But putting everyone on the government dime doesn't help anyone.

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