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Friday, March 2, 2012

L.O. steals 180 jobs from Salem

Apparently it's the "coolness'" factor.

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It's moving for the Streetcar.

Since when has L.O. ever been "cool"? It probably has more to do with Salem basically having negative "coolness".

Of course, if Portland weren't sucking the life-blood out of all other areas of the state for it's own pet projects, things might be different.

They are moving to Lake O, not Portland. Portland isn't going to get much out of this.

Its all about wanting lake access. :=)

Where to - Kruse Way? No streetcars out there...heck barely a bus runs out there.

Their office in Salem is out of place...it's a really nice building with a gated parking lot next to an old gravel pit that's become a lake, and an otherwise gritty light industrial area. But it is very close to the Salem Airport...guess they aren't rich enough to have a corporate jet, so L.O. to PDX beats Salem to PDX.

Erik -

I figure Kruse way, but the old Framer's insurance building at 217 and I - 5, in the NE corner of that "intersection" is also now almost vacant and festooned with "For Rent" signs.

I think the Farmer's building is in Tigard though, not Lake O.

Time will tell.

Yeah, I'll take Salem's negative "coolness" over "keep Portland weird" any day of the week.

the old Framer's insurance building at 217 and I - 5

I heard that someone else bought that building...a company that currently is located in S.W. Portland in Johns Landing. Or is that SoWhat?

More of Salem's Fear Factor as they have over-dosed on Diversity.

Correct, the Farmer's Insurance Building is getting mostly leased out by Clear Channel (top two floors) and they will be moving from Macadam Ave in the summer.

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