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Saturday, March 3, 2012

It's legit

The new issue of Street Roots is out, and yesterday we bought a copy for a buck from a vendor outside the OnPoint credit union in the Lloyd District. A bright guy, he and we chatted a while about the lead story -- the push for greater civilian supervision of the Portland police.

When we got the issue home and opened it, we were amazed at how much journalism it contained. We remember a time when this publication had only about five pages of news content, wrapped around twice that much filler in the form of directory listings. No more. These days there is genuine food for thought on each of the 16 pages.

Some people buy Street Roots out of a charitable impulse. The street vendor gets to keep 70 cents on the dollar, and it usually looks as though he or she needs it. But at this point, it's actually a fine deal at a buck. Next time, we might even leave a tip.

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A buck well spent either way. The vendors are not panhandlers. They buy their papers from the publisher and resell them on the street. I like the fact that I get some thought-provoking reading material and the vendor is out there working for his money, not begging for handouts.

The Street Roots crossword puzzle is no slouch either.

I bought mine from the vendor by the courthouse. He gave me a run down about that same lead story before giving me my copy. So I guess they must be trained to do that now because I don't remember anyone saying much other than thank you before.

The guy I spoke with had thought a lot about the Portland police, based on conversations with the older members of the force, in whose age group he falls.

It really shows what is possible in journalism when you aren't beholden to advertisers or moneyed interests.

I used to work downtown at a 'nonprofit'. I was a major fan of street roots and would direct guys toward their organization as much as I could.

Good to see it's still going strong.

Is THAT where the experienced reporters and columnists from the "O" ended up? I've noticed the NEW (probably MUCH cheaper) news crew at the "O" seem to be able only to cut and paste press releases. THAT'S one reason I've been hangin out here recently.

I'm going to have to check that out.

Thanks so much for the kinds words about SR. We work very hard with a very small crew.

Just for clarification. Vendors receive 75 cents on each dollar.

Thanks again,


Israel Bayer
Street Roots

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