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Monday, March 19, 2012

Innocent-looking, yes -- but deadly

They're in your home -- in your child's room, perhaps -- and they're going to kill you.

We're talking about an extreme menace here. Take precautions.

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City of PDX City Council will vote latter this week on taxing snowglobes they produce green energy which cannot go untaxed. Vote will be solid no brainer, slam dunk.

Or...the city council will ban the sale of snow globes within the city limits.
Or...all snow globes will have to be kept under lock and key, and only persons over the age of 21 with picture ID will be allowed to purchase snow globes, just like spray paint or alcohol.
Anyone under age who is found in possession of a snow globe will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Which the council members will make up as they need to just like everything else they do these days.

Funny stuff. Recently seemingly mysterious damage to vinyl siding on houses has been found to be due to the high efficiency windows of neighboring homes reflecting sunlight onto the siding, causing it to warp and sag. Unintended consequences of good intentions.

Try taking one through airport security. Just ask Bob Miller...

Well, airport security is another thing altogether. Such dangerous devices must be carefully controlled, for the common good.

Bob Miller was probably stopped for travelling well read, or while red. Both high risks.

A couple of years ago a mirror sitting on my desk in front of a window reflected early afternoon sunlight onto the window blinds and set one of the wide wooden slats smoldering. Fortunately I was home to track down the smell of the smoke (which took a bit) and put it out before it did more damage than burning a good-sized black-rimmed hole in the blind. Could have been WAY worse! Who'da thunk?

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