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Thursday, March 15, 2012

In real ink

We got a Kindle for Christmas, and all of a sudden we're doing more pleasure reading. But it was a hard copy of this novel, which the Mrs. had lying around, that caught our eye a few weeks ago:

She hadn't gotten into it yet, but a friend of ours, who's a novelist himself, had gone out of his way to speak highly of it. And so we turned the Kindle off for a while and dug in the old-fashioned way.

It's a beautiful book, even breathtaking at times. But dark -- so very dark -- the work of an Irish writer, to be sure. We're glad we picked it up, and we won't soon forget it. To say more would wreck it. Go for it.

We now return to the pixels, which are a lot of fun.

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It's available in Kindle form. I got a Kindle a year ago -- the best thing I have EVER purchased for myself.


You can always download a free sample, in this case the first chapter.

The first chapter of this book is wonderful. The whole thing is, really. The man is a major writer.

I found a great piece of humor-writing recently, Moni Mohsin's "Duty free", which may have launched a new genre, a novel written in the first person, for whom English is a second language, which makes brilliant use of a litter of misspellings and malapropisms on every page. No end of cackles. Devastating, sly critique of state of Pakistan. Targets everyone, upper class, lower class, militants, intellectuals, drug runners, fundos, the education system, she just goes at it with kilotons of
craft and craftiness. The result is a side-splitter, clearly influenced by Jane Austen.

On your recommendation I picked up a used (like new) copy in the Blue Room of Powells on my way home today. All this rain is conducive to reading a good book.

Awesome book

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