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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Greg Goodman's funky vibe

There's a certain detachment from reality in this puff piece. When Goodman and Edlen and the boys tell you they're all about the next Clinton Street, it's to laugh. "We want to keep it a 'hood." Sure. Sure you do.

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Another made up neighborhood, this time to make the Goodmans more $$$. I pitty their tenants.

A great neighborhood to see your tax dollars at work. Look up to the top of the 12West building. See those turbines? From the ZGF website "The turbines are predicted to generate roughly 10,000 to 12,000 kWh per year, enough to power the elevators. More importantly, the turbines will be thoroughly instrumented so that actual performance and wind flow patterns can be validated against predictions. Recognizing the ground-breaking rigor of investigation into this untested application, the Energy Trust of Oregon and the Oregon Department of Energy funded the entire system cost through energy efficiency grants and tax credits." Yup really ground breaking research there.

Wow, what a cabal of 1 percenters. Goodman, Singer, Menasche, Edlen.

And I can't get another $50K addition on my LOC from my bank because "they're not lending".

Sure. A 'hood. Sure.

Mike, what do you think the odds are to have Energy Trust of Oregon and ODE pay for all of your wind turbines? And have you ever asked for the performance audit of the 12West installation. All I've gotten is "Don't know-get back to you".

How much money of the pet projects throughout the years has been transferred to the 1 percenters?
Is that why our share of debt is $10,9442.74?
Of course, they will do whatever they can to get more, the tentacles now reaching into Clackamas and Washington Counties.

"Those were among the traits that resonated with some of the city's best-known developers, who say they worked collaboratively, and more closely than they ever had before, to handpick tenants and revitalize old buildings while working to keep the dozen or so blocks' sensibilities."

Handpick... that's the word that stood out to me. There's nothing organic about the growth of a neighborhood where every twee little pocket-mulching cooperative was selected in this fashion. That's not business, that's a one-dimensional facade.

Central Planning is terrible at picking winners and losers. Get the hell out of the way and let the dog-fur knitters go at it for neighborhood supremacy. If they someday build a vital and energetic Dog Fur Row, it will not be due to your cunning plan.

Why do we need to master-plan everything in this city like it's Celebration, Florida?

Here is easily the best comment on that story:

Munchausenbaron March 17, 2012 at 7:39PM

I have never seen a town so full of itself as Portland...You'd think it was Paris on the Willamette, instead of a hardscrabble refugium for slackers, government lazies, neurotic and incompetent politicians, homeless people, drug addicts, grifters, pimps & 'hos, and fringe elements. It has acquired a weird kind of urban chic reputation with New York City types...starting even before Vera Katz invaded the city. But then if you've ever spent anytime in filthy, rude New York City, any place would be more appealing. Portlandia lives up to its reputation: WEIRD.

So true... I really need to change my handle, but I still go there every day. I must be weird too.

Downtown Denizen,:Why do we need to master-plan everything in this city like it's Celebration, Florida?

Good question.

How much do Master Plans cost?

I would feel such a sense of relief if we could just have a moratorium on plans for awhile.

This constant change and planning does not bode well for stability in a community.

LW Somehow I doubt that the performance audit of those wind turbines will ever see the light of day assuming that an audit is ever done. I know it cost $10,000 a piece to install those things but I have no idea what the total installed cost was. I'd like to see the cutting edge data that the two agencies will be sharing.If you are going to fund even a part of those things there should be some small chance that those things will ever be viable which in this case there isn't.

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