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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Forget the garbage bins

How about a separate sewer system just for your trash?

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That would be perfect for those pesky, hard-to-dispose-of corpses.

Do NOT give Sam Adams any ideas.

"Suck it Portland"

If this goes through how will the writers at Willamette Week be able to go through the garbage of the mayor and the chief of police?

I actually like the concept. I do, however, see "franchise" issues not unlike those with cable, electric, and yes, garbage. Who pays for the initial infrastructure installation? And then what, XYZ corp, the original installer, has the "trash franchise" for 5 years, and then out to bid? AT&T all over again.

Is Sam garbage or compost? Let's let Stenchy decide!

It won't happen here.

It will never work efficiently if a city wants to sort trash . . . and Portland has a kind of mania for sorting trash.

Food and paper, firecrackers, dog waste, etc. will all get thrown into the chute with other inappropriate trash that may not be very efficiently sucked through the system. And anything large enough to accommodate all dimensions of potential trash is also big enough to suck up a small dog or a toddler.

Does double duty as a loo, too!

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