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Monday, March 5, 2012

Cha-ching! Ken Rust is now a lobbyist.

Wow, that was quick. Ken Rust, who for many years was the City of Portland's top administrator, particularly in money matters, has surfaced as a lobbyist at City Hall just eight months after he stepped down. His first project: Trying to get the city to blow sewer revenues on a "biogas" plant for Rust's private client, Columbia Biogas.

Rust oversaw a breathtaking run-up of debt by the city, and the city auditor's stinging report on that massive debt load was, in a sense, an indictment of his role in creating it. Now he's turning up the heat, asking for a rush-rush deal. What's the big hurry? The biogas plant has been on the drawing boards for more than a year; if it were financially viable, it would have been built by now. Maybe the Sam Rand Twins are buying, but the other three members of the City Council ought to tell him to calm down or show himself out the door.

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As before, I have horrible suspicions that I've already seen this movie. I just keep picturing Sam in a chainmail cocktail dress, listening over an intercom to Ken Rust smirking "Who run Stumptown?"

"Ken Rust."


"Ken Rust runs Stumptown."


Nice Master Blaster reference.

Isn't there a move to make lobbying after public service illegal?

Quite a few moves, Jo, on both state and federal level. You can imagine how popular those moves are with state and federal legislators.

If this cast of CoP characters were Republicans, WillyWeek would be up for another Pulitzer.

As it is: nothing but crickets.

Telltale sign of a bad government project: "We have to do this right away!"

Remember the $700 billion bail-out that had to get through Congress in less than a week?

You mean that bail out that saved us from selling our babies to Morocco? Or some such similarly dire situation?

Oh I remember. Decades coming. One week to act.

Robbyist is more like it.

Here's the people deal to Adams and crew: We give Adams $900k (1 year's loss on the BioGas plant); and tell him to leave town, and go have fun on vacation for the next 12 months (just to make sure the time runs out on his term as Mayor). This Mayor is so manic his continued Mayorship through January of next year will easily cost us one way or another much more than $900k. Paid run-out-the-clock-vacation for Leonard, too.

Given boy Mayor Sam and Admiral Randy's misuse of public funds on all sorts of questionable project I'd propose an alternative to the pay them to "go away scenario"

Instead we pay them a $1 a day.
Just like the other inmates...

"What's the big hurry?"

With Samdy they know what they have. The only way this'll get pushed that hard is if Hales gets in.

BTW, according to C BioMass, those lobbying rules that were supposed to bring sunlight to Portland - They don't apply to Ken Rust.

The rules never apply to Portland Insiders. Which should make the U.S. Attorney's job so much easier.

I always thought it was interesting how Ken Rust talks such a big game about maintaining a good credit rating for the City. When Tim Grewe was CAO, and Ken was CFO, he would frequently talk about conservative financial management. All the while going along with the political classes dramatic increase in city debt.

What is the current status of our credit rating?

The big rush is some state or federal handout expires soon. If they don't get the money from Sam the Scam soon, then they can't suck at the other teat.

"At Columbia Biofuels, we convert dollars to diesel."

Rust never sleeps...

Damn, I wish I had thought of that. Good one!

My my, hey hey...

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