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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Can you say "Hasheem Thabeet"?

How about "Mehmet Okur"? They, Shawne Williams, and Jonny Flynn are reportedly on their way. Marcus Camby and Gerald Wallace are gone.

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On the bright side the Blazers will have a bunch of expiring contracts and some good draft picks...I'm sure they will find a way to goof it all up though.

Suspect the sell out streak is in seriously jeopardy.

Not to mention the new coach.

Greg Oden saga is over, according to ESPN.

The perfect setup to sell the team. The new owner gets to pick the coach, general manager, and have a pretty low payroll.

Sounds like Paul Allen is settling all family business today. Maybe later this p.m. he will ask Raymond Felton to fly to Vegas and await further instructions.

Fire sale. Everything/everyone must go. Especially Allen himself and his Vulcan MBA's.

It's 2012! Aieeee!

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