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Friday, March 9, 2012

Bunkermania in Eugene

Downtown Eugene is about to get 1,200 U.C. Nike students in a gigantic new private apartment complex. They're calling it "13th & Olive," but goodness, that's far too drab. They're getting a $16 million property tax handout, and so the least they could do is come up with a more interesting name for the thing.

We're thinking along the lines of "The Terraces at Belushi Manor." Readers, please help them out down with some suggestions.

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Swoosh Suites

Flounder Place

The Bluto Blocks

Or....the Dorfman Dorm
Or....just Delta Tau Chi

Well, I don't know which one would hurt more: "Penn State West" or "SMU North"?

Corruption Commons

Phil Inn

Block o'Borg. Resistance is futile.

The Dr. A. W. Patterson Villa

(Oh, just Google it.)

Waffle Soul Heights

Old Zeb: It was kind of hard to find.


But there it is. Good reference, a bit obscure, but good call. Definitely.


Student Living Union Modules

The tax abatement pitch is classic.

The developer knows ahead of time that tax money is there for the taking.

All they have to do to rake in millions more than if they proceed without it is "work with" city staff to pitch it as a "catalyst for a very vibrant, active and unique downtown for Eugene" and "in line with city planning, goals and objectives"
and wait.
Of course it can't go forward without the $16 million grant.

Because it's available it's a requirement.

Who in their right mind would proceed without it knowing a $16 million bonus can be had?

Cabrini Green & Yellow?

This isn't the only apartment complex getting tax breaks. Eugene has been giving them away in several designated areas for years now, particularly in the campus area. Downtown is another mess, basically it's 40 years of urban renewal creating blight with tons of giveways, subsidies, and sweetheart deals larded on top.

It gets better! Lane Transit District's new GM is now complaining that there's going to be too much parking (1014 spaces for 1234 residents, not to mention visitors and guests), even though LTD has no part in planning or approval.

means most tenants wouldn’t need cars for everyday use because they would ride the bus, walk or bike to classes.

For students who don’t ride the bus, walk or bike to school, a car-sharing firm like Zip Car or WE Car could “help sell the developer on reducing parking supply,” he wrote.

This coming from a guy who gets a $4K car allowance on top of a $150K salary. If there's anyone who should be riding the bus, it's him.

But the money quote comes from longtime LTD shill and spin artist Andy Voborra:

“Those who work in the alternative transportation world tend to think about those things differently than developers”

And differently than the common folk, too.

I think they need to ask this guy (mildly NSFW).


Eugene's been rapidly getting Portlandified in the past couple years, in the worst way. LTD has been turning into Tri-Met Lite.

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