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Saturday, March 17, 2012

At the little big dance

We have been having trouble figuring out what the heck Willy Week's mayoral bracket contest is all about. But today we discover to our surprise that we're in it. We're a 3-seed, and we're up against Greg Oden, the 14-seed. Not sure what happens if we win that one; 15-seed Felicia Heaton may be our next opponent.

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You got my vote.

You've got my 10 votes. I'm a democrat, and that's how we're counted.

I don't think you have to worry Bodanski, unless it is on paper and hand-counted, it likely will end up as some elections in this country...rigged for those who control the machines.


I believe the Bus Project is currently getting out the vote. In a bi-partisan way, of course.

Thank you for that link.

Well, if elections can be rigged, apparently, the dog and pony show
is there to make us think our elections are still democratic.
I say back to paper and hand counted.
Surely with all the unemployment, we have plenty of people available to do just that.

That was always the problem with paper and hand... it's harder to manipulate physical objects like cards than it is invisible bits and bytes.

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