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Thursday, March 29, 2012

At Portland State Patronage Center, room for one more

We kid about how PSU has become nothing but a real estate development firm, but that's not fair. It's also become the elephant graveyard for the Goldschmidt people.

Speaking of which, whatever happened to the Mike Burton scandal?

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"Those who can -- do. Those who can't -- teach." M.L. Mencken

PSU is nothing but a whorehouse for these old bags. I'm embarrassed to have been on the faculty for 35 years, doing REAL teaching and being rewarded with a crummy salary, until I retired. Then the latest whore did his best to try and take some of what I earned away. Boo.

Scandal this, scandal that. Who can even remember them all anymore?

Maybe a website dedicated to them is needed, alongside another one that lists the never ending, constantly growing urban renewal scams.

"Elephant graveyard" is a bit unfair. I like to think of it as "hush money". Who knows what interesting things some of these characters would bring up, particularly in front of lawyers or non-Oregonian reporters, if they didn't get a nice cushy position with no real responsibility but lots of ego massages?

While mrfearless above feels misused by PSU, I can't help but wonder if he is so fearless when he won't use his real name.
I am sure that former Governor Kulongoski went on a couple of orchestrated protocol trips to Tokyo but having him teach courses in "Asian Affairs" is clearly silly.

"A Distinguished Fellow of Policy and Politics."

Gotta tell ya, this made me laugh out loud.

If Gov. Ted taught at Oregon State, I could understand it, particularly if OSU's veterinary medicine program had a specialty in weasel. Or biology, where he could apply his demonstrated expertise in scum.

However, I suppose if PSU was looking for someone to teach its poli-sci majors and would-be public administrators how to deny, dissemble and obfuscate — while selling inaction and inertia as genuine accomplishment — then Ted is definitely the guy.

"It's also become the elephant graveyard for the Goldschmidt people."

Poor mans Port of Portland and NW Natural Gas - The other places to see the Friends of Neil.

Actually, any public employment will do as ong as it adds to his PERS take. Isn't that the pot 'o gold tier one big shots aim for?

Jack, I don't mean to politicise, but is "elephant graveyard" an appropriate name? Why not "donkey graveyard", since so many of PSU "distinguished" past governmental officials call themselves demos? Godfather Neil is the consummate demo.

The phrase has nothing to do with political parties. And corrupt government is a bipartisan affair, anyway.

You know if they still offer bowling as a PE elective he can teach that.

Ted to PSU..... Tebow to the Jets. Must be a warp in the universe.

""Those who can -- do. Those who can't -- teach." M.L. Mencken"

"Those who can't teach, teach at PSU"

Just waiting for Sam's new gig teaching Human Sexuality at PSU. Then again, maybe I shouldn't limit Sam with the human part.

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