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Friday, March 30, 2012

Another sad Adams administration moment

A Portland police officer has been arrested and charged with sex abuse of a minor. Details are unavailable, of course -- Mike Schrunk's still in command. If we're lucky, we'll get half of the story at some point.

The cop in question works in enforcement of the rules regarding convicted sex offenders. Great, just great. Our police bureau is a real monument. To something.

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It used to be the PBB was an organization struggling to restrain and deter its miscreants even when they were defended at all costs by the the PPA, the police union. Those were the days when Rosie Sizer was Chief. But to her credit Rosie dared to challenge Hero Randy. Hero Randy then had lapdog Mayor Creepy remove Rosie and replaced her by a guy who plays in a band with Hero Randy.

Since quality leadership at the PBB was replaced by cronies, the ability of the bureau to effectively deal with its personnel embarrassments has been mitigated to zero. The PBB is spiraling out of control simply because Hero Randy and Mayor Creepy have been in the cockpit.

All hail The RandSam...scam sham city "gobmint"
Or should we just say, "Heil"?

When I was young and green, I had worked on the Outsider's MC Clubhouse scandal. Planting of Drugs by the PPB, established.

The PPB has been rotted by corruption at the top since mid 1900's. No one has had the political will or cajones to take on the Police Bureau union, and until that happens, nothing will change. Our current mayor has no chance - or will.

Hey Sam, Randy, how those legacies looking?

I just luuuuv wearing legacies under my suit!

Also this cop.

Hey who better to lead a class on leadership then a guy who loves Hitler.

like I said earlier- we left and are glad we did.

At 2:59 KOIN TV reported online PPB Ofc Frashour termination overturned by arbitration and COP ordered to pay back wages.

KW wrote: like I said earlier- we left and are glad we did.

Yep KW, we are so outta there. Join us, y'alls.

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