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Monday, March 26, 2012

Another reason to vote for Bojack in Mayoral Madness

You can't vote for our opponent, with campaign literature like this.

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Is this a "vote early, vote often" thing?

Fair-minded voters might turn away from the smear campaign and sample the better sort:

You stoop low, sir.

We're officially calling for PolitiFact to check into some of your spurious claims.
"Not his real name"?
Metro paying for campaign materials?

We expected better of you. Packy will prevail because he's playing fair. But keep in mind... elephants never forget. And he has quite a bit of fecal matter he could swing your way.

It would be sort of beyond hilarious to see a Politifact ruling on this case.

If there ever was a picture that screamed Roid Rage.

I don't know . .. The elephant 'Roid Rage, the SUV tipping binges, not to mention the disconcerting carrot cake addiction .... More and more it's becoming a clear choice. Still.
You just seem to be able to get info and pics from Stenchy a bit TOO easily. Are you SURE you're not secretly supplying him with the necessary slop to thrive? I wanna believe in you're above all this.

Okay, okay, already:
So what's wrong with this photo?
Go back to the Sunday photo op where the cute gal is loading the Elephant poo "Republican votes" into a butterfly basket for "idiots" and take a look at her left foot? Notice anything out of whack there, like maybe her foot is pointed in the wrong direction???????.
One of my past wives could do that and she was hot, but that's not even normal?
So how do any of you genius, witty, "I'm so cool" word smith, academic twits explain the oversight? Waiting for an answer.

This picture must be how "mullah Rick" sees himself.

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