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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Another Bat Signal goes up

The Portland mainstream media has been all over the fact that tighty-righty moneybags Loren Parks has thrown some change at the anti-light-rail ballot measure currently being placed on the September ballot by the Clackistani rebels. Ooooh, Loren Parks! From Nevada! Foe of all things Portlandia! On BlueOregon, he gets branded as a "millionaire sex weirdo."

Yes, here in Multnomah County, affiliation with Parks is the kiss of death for any ballot proposition. But the election in question now is in Clackamas County, where the dynamic is entirely different. Down that way, a Parks endorsement is at worst a neutral factor -- it may even be a plus.

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This is all a matter of perspective, are the good people at BlueOregon aware of how much out-of-state money Wyden, Merkley, Bluemanure, Bonamici, Walden get?

At least not on WEBsites created by mr BlueOregon

With a "sex weirdo" for Mayor, this seems to be a little of the pot calling the kettle.

Millionaire Sex Weirdo...

I thought Goldy moved to France?

I wish I had a dollar for every millionaire sex weirdo out there. I'd be a millionaire (but not a sex weirdo).

When looking to seek change we often need to find allies. Some who come to help may share your views and goals, others give support but have an entirely different agenda. You just need to understand where those others are coming from, keep with your own values, and a joint effort with those you may not entirely agree with can be defensible.


Does he wear a Tigger suit? Does he rape the babysitter? Does he have sex in the bathroom at city hall with the intern?

You have your panties in a twist but you live in a glass house. That combination of factors makes you look like a moron.

It's different.

Some sex weirdos pay Kari Chisholm money. In that case those sex weirdos are also called paying clients, in which case Kari and most Democrat operatives choose to look the other way. Goldy Adams etc.

I hope I'm not compared with Rush if I call out the similarities between a prostitute and Kari's behavior patterns. Not that there is anything wrong with that.... They both need to make a living.

I guess to the Hard-core Dems anyone who wants the government to stop spending the public's money foolishly is a dirty sex freak.

blech. I've never seen his creepy website before. Heard his name of course, but that's just gross.

I hope Kari and BlueOregon will help get the word out on what strong supporters of Light Rail and all things Metro his candidates and clients are and who their donors are. You know, so voters will be more informed and know who to vote for. Right?
Strangely the newspapers don't seem interested.

Instead they seem to think that If any friend of Parks persuades this one donor to give to any cause that may interfere with the ruling class it's a story and people need to know.
It was a story when this single donor Parks recently gave to an effort to ban gill netting on the Columbia. And when he gave to the Urban Renewal initiative in Clackamas.
And now he gives $15K to this simple rail vote initiative. So what?
Is that supposed to somehow taint the initiative, the right to vote or the 80+% who will vote for it in September?
Is that Kari's message? What is the take away? Beware of what?

I wonder why there isn't a story on the county commissioners' refusal to allow a vote that will now cost the county
$120,000 for a special election? After months and years of requests to do so they refused because they knew the outcome of any election.

Having been elected by giving voters false impressions they immediately pushed an agenda they never shared with voters.

Now they are trying that stunt all over again and the Clackistanis are in the way.

Kari, don't you think it is good democracy to let the voters of Clackamas Co. vote on funding lightrail?

The efforts of over 500 people helping the Petition to put the Measure on the ballot has many times more value than Park's contribution. And then the campaigning value for the Measure is again much more than Park's.

And what is odious is that the "Yes" campaign will spend probably only 1/10th of what the "No" vote will spend. And smellier, is that the "No" vote included intermix of taxpayer dollars, money from people/firms directly and indirectly benefiting from a "No" vote, and using resources, politicians and seated government officials to promote the "No" vote.

Why don't you comment about those facts?

Hmmm, Following the Chisholm Trail, I see!

I reckon it's the same as the money trail.

Notice this last line from the Willy Week article:
"Construction companies, trade unions, engineering firms and many others stand to benefit from the project, but there is no concentrated financial interest opposed to construction."

No concentrated interest? Oh you mean turning in 12,000 signatures in just a couple weeks?
Thanks for staying in touch, Mr Parks.

Keep in mind that the blueOregon crowd judges issues by the people involved, instead of the merits of the issue. (They have trouble dealing with facts like at http://www.portlandFacts.com.)


In my opinion, whenever politics and sexuality intersect it is almost always disgusting--Wiener's texts, Lewinsky's dress, Larry Craig's wide stance, and Barney Frank's ground floor male whorehouse. The list is infinite, and though Mr. Park's greenbacks will spend just as good as anyone else's, his unfortunate observations are no exception. Ask most conservatives and they'll agree that, after getting bin Laden, President Obama's best attribute is his standing as a good family man.

Note to aspiring politicos: keep yourself well-scrubbed, in both senses of the word.

Cool. I bet a million bucks BlueOregon reads Bojack a million times more than anyone reading Bojack reads them. Let me know if anyone needs to know where to send a check.

I bet a million bucks BlueOregon reads Bojack a million times more than anyone reading Bojack reads them

Sucker bet. I think I've laid eyes on BlueOregon twice, both of which were links off something else.

BlueOregon is to the web what Lars Larson is to radio. He's unlistenable, and they're unreadable.

Did this "millionaire sex weirdo" crash his truck while having his pants unzipped and reportedly smelling of beer?

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