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Thursday, March 15, 2012

A senator who can't vote in his "home" state

This is interesting. At least Gatsby owns a house here.

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Dummy. You think Senators would remember that one of the reasons Daschle got voted out was that he claimed for tax purposes that his "principal residence" was in Washington DC. That didn't sit well with the voters in South Dakota.

And if Lugar was registered to vote in Virginia, where he has lived for 35 years, he would not have been able to vote on Super Tuesday for the fellow who lives down the road (Gingrich) or the guy who lives up the road (Santorum). The Senator from Indiana lives in a state of unenfranchisement whichever way he turns.

It would seem logical that the incumbent could finish out his term if he sold his home but that he would not be eligible to run for reelection from a district or state in which he no longer had his principle residence. But logical has nothing to do with it.

Lugar is somewhere to the left of Wyden.

Where is the outrage from the folks at "thinkprogress" about the disenfranchisement of voters ?

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