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Monday, February 6, 2012

You're being audited, by a computer

Good luck to you -- you may need it.

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Video conferencing to resolve correspondence examination controversy? Come on. Almost 50% of the audits are on EITC claimed by the working poor and functionally illiterate, people that are farthest behind on the technology curve.

Based on his recent AICPA address and now this pilot, I am getting the distinct impression that Comm. Shulman's head is in the clouds and that effective, here-and-now tax administration innovation bores him.

Would it be possible to file a lawsuit to enforce RRA 98? Would that be filed in District Court, or Tax Court?

It makes me sad to see a once powerful instrument of Government like the IRS reduced to randomly malicious automatons. It reads like something out of 1980's Moscow or East Berlin.

OBEY Citizen. But the definition of Obey isn't established anywhere, and may change depending on the KGB/Stasi officer that lives on your block.

Velcome to Amerika, Comrade Bogdanski. Have a seat over there.

I sense an eery resemblance to the droning of war and to the urgings to local police to use police from outside the area when responding to protests.

Scare first, and if the person scared is disconnected from help, then do whatever to him or her.


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