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Monday, February 20, 2012

What the flock

We saw a lot of geese over the weekend. On Saturday, we were running on the East Bank Esplanade and a pair came swooping down, making long landing splashes into the Willamette, parallel to the walkway. Then yesterday we found ourself motoring up and down the valley on I-5, and there were hundreds of them overhead, in various formations. Guess spring is right around the corner.

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That's good to know. I'm flockin' sick of winter!

The geese just came through this way, and the hummingbirds are right behind. It's time for me to put out the new hummingbird feeders I bought for my wife for Valentine's Day, because they will let me know that I'm delinquent in my responsibilities.

Had about 30 sandhill cranes overhead, last week....

Yikes! It must be global warming and it is coming after us! Let's make like sheep herders and get the flock out of here...

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