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Friday, February 10, 2012

Toga parties to get more interesting

The campus police down at U.C. Nike now have guns and are training to use them. Not everyone seems happy with the news.

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Lars Larson says if he wants, he can carry his gun in holster showing right through PSU (perfectly legal). Wild, wild west is making a comeback what with robberies and misbehavior even on the trains (Max).

But you know my wife who went to school in Hillsboro back in the early 1970s says she got instruction on the use of a rifle at her public school, and they used to go down in the basement and target practice. Then too remember what Shane said to Marion (Joe's Wife) after she wished all the guns in the Valley out: [paraphrasing from memory] "A gun is just a tool, Marion. No better or no worse than the man using it." Shane. The best movie of all time.

It is a mistake to arm the campus police force. The likely result of this is that kids are going to get shot. That's it. No one will be safer.

But they are not being armed. They are just being trained. Being armed seems like the next logical step though.

Give it a few years. If the cops are being chased around and bullied by guys with guns then give them guns.

While I was at PSU the cops all wanted guns. Not because they were being bullied by armed criminals but because we all referred to them as security guards. Which we mostly thought they were because they didn't carry guns. And of course this lack of respect really fucked with their fragile little egos. Quote: "I'm a real cop dammit!"

Seems it is a fairly common trait in the cop-type personality to be obsessed with being granted deference and calling it 'respect.'

...but now I'm just rambling.

The likely result of this is that kids are going to get shot.

Shot at, perhaps - but given the level of marksmanship among the local constabulary, unlikely to be hit. They're much more likely to simply be clubbed to death.

As a UO alum, trust me, you do not want to arm DPS. When I was there one of those yahoos chased a skateboarder down using his Jeep. Picture Farva from "Super Troopers" firing his weapon from a Ford Bronco and you have a glimpse into the UO's future if you arm these guys.

In less than 10 years, UO'Nike will have the second largest paramilitary force in Oregon. You just know they'll have the jazziest riot gear on earth, too. And neon green peppermint spray.

I found the PSU force to be the most professional and stable group of law enforcement officers I have ever encountered. But man did they want their guns. This was late 90's though, so who knows about now.

I'm actually shocked to hear UofO has your standard yahoos as security. For some reason I figured they'd be similar to PSU.

At USC in '99 I was actually tackled off of my bike for riding it on campus. By a student security assistant no less. But it was dark so I didn't know who had attacked me. I was choking the poor kid when the full security guys showed up. They kicked my ass a bit but let me go with a warning.

But stuff like that never happened at PSU. Those guys were pros.

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