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Thursday, February 16, 2012

The girl with kaleidoscope flies

You just know the City of Portland isn't going to let us go on living without these.

Comments (4)

Some enterprising water bureau inventor should couple this kaleidoscope with Randy's Loo.

Cows can take of the jobs of homeless people! Go by bovine!

"Influence & Behavioural Change"

Sounds like a new $100k City Hall position opening up...

That looks like a good idea for them. We don't have enough of a litter problem to justify them, but we'll probably get a few anyway, just cause they're cool. That said, what I would love is a job for the city where I get to take a crowbar to the knees of smokers that throw their butts on the ground. Then while they're on the ground they can spend some time cleaning up after themselves and their ilk.

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