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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Temp help wanted

Fireman Randy's long-time office chief moves over into the pantheon of career bureaucrats at the Portland water bureau. Who'll be the head lackey for Hizzoner for the last 10 months of his term?

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It's always the Zimmermans - I swear, that's a branch that should have been pruned long ago.

On the other hand, I once worked with Orangs; we built rather a heavy-duty tic-tac-toe game. It's interesting, as you can't really give them instructions on how to develop a winning strategy. They were so good at it that we looked into developing a chess game.

Unfortunately, John Piacentini and other power-players didn't like the ideas, and everyone involved had to move elsewhere.

I'm only surprised that Kovatch hasn't already qualified for a disability retirement with PFB and a PERS pension.

Maybe he'll wait 'til he's 52. when he'll have 30 years of service.

The obvious question - how does a kid who has done nothing more than be a political hack his entire, brief working life take on a large-scale maintenance management position? Probably improves the over-under that the Water Bureau will be sold to the highest bidder within five years.

"brief working life take on a large-scale maintenance management position?"

Heck, I thought Schaff was a HR middle manager until Randy anointed him.

Oh yeah, you missed the best part:

"Kovatch's annual salary in Leonard's office is budgeted at $104,556. Shaff said he intends to appoint Kovatch to the top salary range for his new position, $130,291."

Randy is going to be screwing this town for the next 5 years. I'm sure he's already got Novick's marching orders in place.

Randy isn't really leaving, is he?
I get the idea he will be around behind the scenes to make sure "the plan" he has been orchestrating gets done.

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