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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Portland in a handbasket

Oh, what a beautiful morning, oh, what a beautiful day...

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And the Mayor hasn't hit Twitter about it yet. He's slacking off today.

I'm waiting for Mary Fritsch (sp?) to yet again trot out a sheaf of statistics for 2010 and tell us yet again that MAX, and TriMet are safe.

Come on Mary, its been at least 24 hours since you last trotted out the BS on KATU TV 2.

"It's our 463rd isolated incident this month."

And note that vandals destroyed several bus shelters in SE Portland that will cost about $30 grand each to repair or replace.
Everything's comin' up Roses!

Holy Failure to Communicate, Batman, that guy has been booked 19 times in the last 15 months!
1) Isn't one of these a parole violation for something else?
2) Who brought this guy to Portland in Nov 2010?


The shooting of the homeless men happened just a few blocks from the Police Bureau's station at 1319 SE Martin Luther King Jr. blvd. Whoops!

I frequently use this MAX stop. Sometimes at that time of day. Of course this is in my pocket at all times.


Oh, sure, this stuff happens all the time, but I don't see a pattern to it. Do you? Because I sure don't

Best transit system in America. Safest, too.

And we need more of it. Right now. People in Milwaukie are shooting it out to be first in line to buy MAX tickets.

Oops. An unfortunate metaphor.

My goodness, Conrad's mugshot is a topper.

The man you don't want to meet on the MAX:

Conrad Milow...
Violent and slow,
This time, dear judge,
Please don't let him go.

Could we deputize him to protect his fleece flock? It costs too much to keep him in jail and maybe he could intimidate fellow muggers instead of getting his frequent flyer booking miles validated. Violent youths have become angels on other transit systems.

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