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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Portland has new official pet

It was a busy week, and we missed this interesting development at the Portland City Council meeting.

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Gee, d'ya think?

Good Lord. Don't tell me the Liberal Dems are getting out the Repug vote now.

"Gee, d'ya think?"

Hey it's not like it couldn't all be real. :)

Great! Plenty o' room for more laugh-barrel makers! That one was almost really believable.

Does this person not have a FEW THINGS BETTER TO DO WITH HIS TIME? Oh, sorry, he's an extra in Portlandia.

I often wonder if he doesn't get that the backhand Portlandia joke is on him as well.

Besides, everyone knows that Portland's official pet is a peeve. And I'm sure that bothers somebody.

Shoot, all this time I thought Randy was Portland's official pet

Pugs are the Studebaker of the Dog world. Just as ugly from the front as they are from the back and very little difference.

Believe me, you don't want this city hall deciding anything of substance; better we give them crayons and coloring books, and send them on extended field trips; all inorder to run out the clock on the two top lame ducks.

On the postive side, Steve Novick actually said something potentially positive regarding controlling the potential big hit on our water and sewer bill, called superfund cleanup of the Portland harbor (could be well over $1 billion dollars if the City can't pull some strings at the EPA). Novick said he should think a lower cost solution would be in order unless the benefits really are over a $1 billion. Maybe the guy actually has some economic sense behind his routinely appearing smirk. God help us.


"While pug owners are accustomed to dog malfunction, the latest animals are prone to more problems than just the usual ...........
The latest model Pug is simply not in any way a viable dog."[44]

Quite the appropriate fit, to represent a council malfunction as well..that we are definitely having more problems with than usual...and is simply not in any way a viable council.

Seesh, here's is Sam's latest tweet:

Mee-Sen Thai Eatery on #Yelp: Kha Dook Mhoo Tom Sap!

(what is it? food?)

If you keep reading his tweets, you'll go blind.

Ridiculing the city seems to be getting more popular.

If you haven't already, check out "Sh*t Portlanders Say" for a laugh or two...


Ridicule is all we have left.

Ridicule and fiscal insanit.


Studebaker lovers take great offense from your obviously ill informed comments. We drive with pride our all American vehicles.

Speaking of which, Jack, I take it you successfully talked your kids out of getting that potbellied piglet?

Pugs - low slung - bottom feeders?

Dang -- pWneD again

This was reported by the AP from Idaho -

BOISE (AP) -- Lawmakers have rejected a bill that would have declared blue heelers the official state dog of Idaho.

Republican Rep. JoAn Wood of Rigby introduced the measure today, bringing with her a constituent from Challis who testified blue heelers were the perfect choice for Idaho, with their trustworthy, loyal, independent and brave qualities.

Challis resident Elise Fake also touted the cattle-herding canine as a common fixture on Idaho ranches. But the proposal failed to win over the House State Affairs Committee, where Republican Rep. Ken Andrus offset praise of the dogs by pointing out he had lost sheep to blue heelers.

Other lawmakers on the panel were simply reluctant to favor one group of dog enthusiasts over another.

The committee voted 8-11 to ditch the proposal.

Sam is pugnacious.

Re: "Abe-

Studebaker lovers take great offense from your obviously ill informed comments. We drive with pride our all American vehicles."


Agreed. Too bad Abe has not had opportunity to experience a Champion or a Commander, especially from '51 or '53. Raymond Loewy -- an international component -- and his studio gave us sleek designs while the oligopolistic three remained stuck on wheeled boxes, prior to their finny dead end.

In addition to forms that please more people than not, Studebaker also gave us, early on, a hillholder, overdrive, and wraparound rear-view visibility.

The Lark and even the Avanti were, by comparison, disappointing visually.

Nowadays, the fastest way to establish that a film is set in the '50s is to include a Studebaker, parked on the street or entering in the background from a side street: it has become obligatory. For example, a Studebaker is prominent in Terence Malick's "Tree of Life."

Pugs, btw, Abe, were revealed as aliens by "Men in Black," which included no Studebakers.

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