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Friday, February 10, 2012

Phoning it in

Maybe this is nothing, but it sure seems curious to us that the nuclear reactor at Reed College is now making its requests to possess nuclear fuel by telephone. It's as if they were ordering takeout kung pao.

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I'm just waiting for our first accident where a researcher is bitten by a radioactive hipster.

Can I have that with a little more heat please?

Looks very orderly, and obviously complies with their license, and amendments. A follow up fax/email is appropriate, and an amendment will be issued to their license, and Mailed/Faxed back to them. Why not give Ms. Krahenbuhl a call and ask her what the typical protocol is, I'm sure she will be happy to share it with you. This missive is only part of the story, and more paperwork is sure to follow.

I have this vision of a Reedie in the reactor lab with a spliff hanging out the side of his mouth. Yikes!

"... don't Bogart that U-235 my friend, pass it over to me..."

"This is Monty Burns for 1-800-ISOTOPE. Save up to 50% with our gray-market fuel scavenged from Syria. Enter code FUKUSHIMA to save an additional 10% today only."

I'm bullish on nuclear power, but I'm as concerned as you are about the safety of these unprotected research reactors.

It'll only leave a small hole and radioactive area - while, it'll probably be habitable again in 50-100 years. Maybe all of the creatives can go there to live.

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